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A home solar carport or a solar patio system, can end your dependence on conventional grid power and you can become a clean renewable solar energy producer. We can help you to become energy independent with a state-of-the-art grid-tie solar electric power system for your  home. A home solar carport system is an effective way to reduce energy costs and move towards renewable solar energy. If you own a hybrid or electric vehicle, you need a dependable, renewable, economical vehicle charging station. Your home is probably your biggest investment, and now you can invest in residential solar electric power system that will pay you back with energy savings. Solar-Tec Systems, Inc. can provide turn key solar carport installations throughout Southern California.

Solar carports are the perfect solution for protecting your vehicles and generating clean energy for your home. With a solar electric system, a California homeowner can have an investment that actually appreciates in returns over time, obtain energy independence and at the same time enhance the resale value of your home. The ideal combination of great sun exposure, California’s strong net metering laws and the 26% Federal solar tax credits for 2022 makes a residential solar carports an excellent investment. We offer 5K and 10K residential solar carport installations for electric vehicles.

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