We bring Solar Energy to your Parking Lot

We are Solar Carport Contractors that specialize in commercial, industrial, non-profit and residential solar carport installations. Solar carports provide shading for cars and utilize the existing parking lot areas to generate clean renewable solar electrical power for nearby offices and buildings. This helps your business achieve energy independence and save on utility expenses.

In 2021, people care about the environment. Therefore, you can show your clients and customers that your business is one that’s green and powered by a clean renewable energy source. Solar photovoltaic carport systems put unusable land to use by generating solar power to operate your business. This on site solar electrical production will save money compared to local utility costs.

Solar-Tec comprehensibly takes each project from the initial concept to its conclusion. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business operations. Our team oriented approach and consistent communications help maintain superior quality throughout the construction process. Solar-Tec Systems, Inc takes pride in our workmanship and customer service. With the new tax bill, businesses can now depreciate 100% of the cost basis in the first year. This 100% bonus depreciation allows you to accelerate all the federal tax benefits to immediately help offset installation costs. Also, there is a 26% Federal Tax Credit available for solar carport system installations. Don’t miss out.

We put sun light to good use with saves on your electric bills. Call Us at 949-248-9728 and bring clean Solar Energy to Your Parking Lot.

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